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As an AWG member, there are a number of volunteer opportunities you can take advantage of to gain leadership skills and give back to the Association. Here are some current volunteer opportunities. If you'd like further details, please contact me at president@awg.org  
- Gaea Coordinator
- Outstanding Educator Award Chair
- Distinguished Lecturer Program Coordinator
- Publicist
- Field Trip Coordinator
- serving as a delegate on the AWG Board of Directors 
Please renew your membership!  If you aren't aware of it already, AWG is having a membership drive. We're on the path to reach beyond 1000 members!  In fact, the 1000th member to join AWG will receive a free AWG fleece pullover!  This is a perfect opportunity to invite your coworkers, friends and students to become AWG members or even sponsor a one year membership for them.  Go to www.awg.org/about.membership.html to sign up!


5)    REQUEST FOR 2011 SCIENCE FAIR JUDGES (1-31-2011)


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AWG Lapel Pin
AWG Pin You can purchase this lapel pin directly from the AWG website.  Member login is required.

For more information on this and other great AWG merchandize visit the AWG  0nline store at http://www.awg.org/Products or go to our one-stop shop at http://www.cafepress.com/assocwomengeo .



The Chrysalis Scholarship provides degree-completion funding for women geoscience graduate students whose education has been significantly interrupted by life circumstances.   The awards are intended to cover costs associated with completion of her thesis/dissertation, beyond what is traditionally covered by primary research funding.  Such costs can include drafting expenses, child-care, defense travel, late-stage research and analyses, or anything necessary to assist a degree candidate during those critical, final days.

Scholarship Sponsor: Association for Women Geoscientists Foundation. 

General Information
Award Amount: Amount varies up to $2,000. 
Application Deadline: March 31, 2011.

For the March 31, 2011 deadline, the applicant must be expected to complete her degree by December 31, 2012.   The applicant must be a student who has contributed and will continue to contribute to both the geosciences and the larger world community through her academic and personal strengths. Applications from outside the United States will be considered on a case-by case basis.

Required Application Materials

http://www.awg.org/AWGFoundation/chrysalis.html .  All application materials should be clearly labeled with the applicant's name, address, and phone number and should be sent to chrysalis@awg.org .  Please note: e-mailed application materials should have "Chrysalis Scholarship" in the subject line.


The application deadline for the Takken Student Research Presentation Travel Award is February 15, 2011.  This award provides women geoscience students with support to present their research at a national or international professional geoscience meeting other than the Annual Meeting of the Geological Society of America.

More information and instructions on how to apply are available on the AWG website at
http://www.awg.org/EAS/awards/takken.html .



AWG is currently accepting nominations for the following positions on the AWG Board of Directors. Nomination and short bio should be submitted to office@awg.org by March 1st.






Delegates represent the AWG membership in their region, serve on one committee and attend two Board of Directors' meetings per year. Term is 3 years. Student Representative represents the AWG student members and attends two Board of Directors' meetings per year. Term is 1 year. Alternates Delegates (3 year term) and Alternate Representative (1 year term) serve a support position and step in when the delegate or representative cannot perform their duties.

Direct any questions to Secretary Shawn Blaesing-Thompson at secretary@awg.org or President Sara Welna at president@awg.org .


GSA South Central Section Meeting
AWG Breakfast
Tuesday March 29th 6:30 AM
Chateau Burbon Wyndham Hotel
New Orleans, LA
Tickets: $30


GSA Northeast/North-Central Section Meeting
AWG Career Development Breakfast
Monday March 21, 2011 6:30 AM
Omni William Penn Hotel
Pittsburgh, PA
Tickets: Prof. $26 Students $15

Please help with the coordination of these and other AWG Breakfasts! Contact the office at office@awg.org for details.



AWG provides Student Awards for Geoscience Excellence (SAGE) certificates through the Society for Science & the Public (SSP), the sponsoring organization of the International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF), to young women whose projects exemplify an understanding of our world and its processes.  If you are interested in judging in a science fair, please contact Valerie Honeycutt (jvhoney@sbcglobal.net or 972-775-6029 - leave message) or contact the fairs directly by visiting the SSP website at  http://apps.societyforscience.org/find_a_fair/ and use the drop-down menu for a comprehensive list by state or country of the regional ISEF-affiliated science fairs presenting AWG SAGE certificates.  The 2011 science fair season has started and the fairs are almost always looking for Special Awards judges!   Judging at a science fair is a very rewarding experience and you will enjoy visiting with these talented and motivated young people. 







AWG members interested in judging in a local/regional science fair in 2011 or participating as an AWG Special Awards judge at the 2011 ISEF are invited and encouraged to contact Valerie Honeycutt. Several resources are available including a "calling card", the certificate paper and certificate templates, AWG judging guidelines, and other miscellaneous information.

Judging requirements:  The ISEF requires that its Special Award Judges have a Ph.D., M.D. or equivalent _OR_ a minimum of 6 years of professional work experience in the respective category (earth science or a geology related field for the AWG award).

Judging categories: behavioral and social sciences, biochemistry, cellular and molecular biology, chemistry, computer science, earth science, engineering (materials and bioengineering), engineering (electrical and mechanical), energy and transportation, environmental analysis, environmental management, mathematical sciences, medicine and health sciences, microbiology, physics and astronomy, and plant sciences.



On-Ramps into Academia is a two-day workshop designed to provide practical tools and support for women scientists and engineers who are considering a career move into academia from their current position.  Attendees will have opportunities to network with speakers and each other to form a supportive community that can help make your career transition rewarding and successful.

More information at http://www.engr.washington.edu/onramp/Application.htm  



NASA One Stop Shopping Initiative (OSSI) for Recruiting Interns, Fellows and Scholars

Students may apply now to one of NASA’s summer research opportunities on or before March 1, 2011. Through the agency’s new Student On-Line Application for Recruiting Interns, Fellows and Scholars (SOLAR) System (http://intern.nasa.gov ), undergraduate and graduate students in STEM fields can search and apply to a variety of NASA opportunities.

Visit the SOLAR Launchpad at http://intern.nasa.gov .  Through this website, students can register, complete one application, and apply to up to 15 specific research opportunities. We encourage qualified students to begin their application today!  A completed application must include the following:




The Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology (NBMG), a research and public service unit of the University of Nevada, Reno (UNR) and the state geological survey, seeks a geoscientist for a tenure-track faculty position beginning on or after July 1, 2011. Managed as part of the Mackay School of Earth Sciences and Engineering within the College of Science at UNR, NBMG functions as an academic unit, and its principal scientists are tenure-track faculty members. Please see the position announcement below.


The University of Nevada, Reno seeks applicants with interests in initiating and carrying out innovative research that can be applied to a wide variety of geologic topics of societal relevance in Nevada, including hazards, geological engineering, environmental geology, and water, mineral, and energy resources. Nevada is one of the most exciting regions in the world to do research in the geosciences. Opportunities abound for research on earthquake, flood, and ground-stability hazards; water flow in fractured rocks as related to potable groundwater, geothermal systems, and mineral deposits; and detailed geologic mapping in support of fundamental understanding of Nevada’s geological history and 3D framework.

Minimum Qualifications
Applicants must have a doctorate in geology or a related geoscience field and a demonstrated record of research as indicated by dissertation or peer-reviewed publications.
We seek candidates with skills in state-of-the-art techniques in any one of the following areas:

Excellent communication skills, as demonstrated in written application materials; potential for or an established record of publications; and ability to attract funding are essential.

Additional Preferred Qualifications
Preference will be given to candidates who

Because the successful individual will be competing for funding from a variety of sources, including federal agencies interested in fundamental and applied geoscience research (e.g., National Science Foundation, U.S. Department of Energy, U.S. Geological Survey, Bureau of Land Management), state and local agencies, and industry, preference will be given to candidates who explain achievable plans for funded research on Nevada-focused topics in their letters of interest. Preference will also be given to candidates who explain how their work will help fulfill NBMG’s commitment to public service.

Position Responsibilities
The successful candidate will be expected to work independently and to collaborate with other NBMG staff, faculty in the UNR Department of Geological Sciences and Engineering, the UNLV Department of Geoscience, the Desert Research Institute, and others in developing funded projects and conducting research leading to peer-reviewed publications. The successful candidate will be asked to communicate effectively with the public and community leaders regarding the geology of Nevada; this will include publications geared for the public and professional geologists, engineers, and planners. Although teaching and supervision of graduate students are not requirements of the position, the successful candidate will be encouraged to work with the Department of Geological Sciences and Engineering to do so and help build the academic reputation of UNR.

Salary and Date of Appointment
The position will be a tenure-track faculty appointment with an academic-year base salary that is competitive with other research universities. Sufficient State of Nevada funds are available to cover the salary at the entry level for an assistant professor. If the candidate is hired at a higher salary, the State funds will be used to cover a portion of the salary, the rest of which may be covered with grants and contracts.
Starting date will be July 1, 2011 or shortly thereafter, depending on availability of the successful candidate.

Please submit a letter expressing your interest in the position and research plans; names, e-mail and postal addresses, and telephone numbers of at least three references; a complete vita; and electronic copies of up to three of your publications to https://www.unrsearch.com/postings/8560. To ensure full consideration, applicants are encouraged to have all information on file by January 31, 2011. Note that NBMG has another tenure-track faculty position open in the areas of economic geology and geothermal systems, with an application deadline of December 23, 2010 (https://www.unrsearch.com/postings/8307). For further information about NBMG, please consult our website (http://www.nbmg.unr.edu). Additional information is available through http://jobs.unr.edu/.

The University of Nevada, Reno is committed to Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative Action in recruitment of its students and employees and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, age, creed, national origin, veteran status, physical or mental disability, and sexual orientation. The University of Nevada employs only United States citizens and aliens lawfully authorized to work in the United States. Women and under-represented groups are encouraged to apply.


Nevada geology provides an exciting venue for basic and applied research. Excellent exposures of rocks and complex structures help our geologists unravel the tectonic history of western North America. Active tectonics, limited water resources, and booming population centers keep urban geology and studies of hazards at the forefront. Some of the world’s most productive gold and other mineral deposits are close at hand for studies of fundamental Earth processes and applications in exploration, mining, and environmental stewardship. Abundant geothermal systems are natural laboratories for understanding relationships between fluid flow and geological structure and for furthering development of renewable energy. Easy access to federally managed lands facilitates field work. Nevada's desert climate and temperature differentials by latitude and elevation make field work possible in different parts of the state throughout the year. Reno’s concentration of geoscientists from various industries, the U.S. Geological Survey, UNR, and the Desert Research Institute encourages interactions that stimulate research.
NBMG has excellent support staffs in administration, cartography, geographic information systems, editing, and geochemical and mineralogical analysis. Existing analytical equipment available at UNR includes ICP-MS with laser ablation capabilities, AA, XRD, IC, GC, FTIR, C-H-N-S analyzer, atomic force microscopy, SEM, and stable-isotope capabilities. A portable spectrometer and portable XRF analyzer are available for mineralogical and geochemical mapping and sampling in the field. Some equipment is maintained by faculty members in the Mackay School of Earth Sciences and Engineering, and NBMG’s senior technician maintains much of the instrumentation and supervises student assistants on funded projects involving
analytical geochemistry. Computer facilities include excellent computational packages for geochemical and hydrogeological modeling, remote sensing, image processing, interferometric synthetic aperture radar, GPS, GIS, and 3-D visualization and modeling. Geophysical equipment includes portable seismometers, a 48-channel reflection-refraction recording system, borehole logging systems, geodetic GPS instruments, gravimeters, total-field magnetometers, and a fully equipped paleomagnetic laboratory.

UNR has strong reputations in economic geology, geothermal resources, chemistry, geodesy, seismology, neotectonics, remote sensing, hydrogeology, and many other fields. NBMG works closely with industry, including the mining, geothermal, and geotechnical industries that are active in Nevada. NBMG is a supporter of UNR's Ralph J. Roberts Center for Research in Economic Geology and works closely with its director and graduate students on projects. NBMG supports and benefits from UNR’s Great Basin Center for Geothermal Energy. The University also hosts the Reno Field Office of the U.S. Geological Survey's mineral resources team. The Geological Society of Nevada (GSN), with approximately 1,000 members, has monthly meetings in Reno that regularly attract 100 to 200 geologists. NBMG supports GSN's efforts to hold a major symposium every five years, generally with a focus on ore deposits in the Great Basin and elsewhere. NBMG recently completed construction of a new combined sample-management, information office, and publication-sales office, the Great Basin Science Sample and Records Library on the nearby campus of the Desert Research Institute. The facility houses the GSN office and publications of the Nevada Petroleum Society. Research faculty in the Nevada Geodetic Laboratory hold joint appointments with NBMG and the Nevada Seismological Laboratory, which conducts seismological research and operates the seismic network covering much of Nevada and eastern California.

Other attractions for the position include excellent benefits (health, dental, eye, and life insurance coverage, worker's compensation, and retirement, sick leave, holidays and an academic schedule that allows for summer and semester-break vacations), access to discretionary funds that can be used for professional development, and a great area in which to live. Reno is located within minutes of the Sierra Nevada and less than an hour from skiing and hiking near Lake Tahoe, fishing at Pyramid Lake and in the Sierras, and historic Virginia City. The gaming industry provides large-city entertainment and restaurants, but the overall population (approximately 300,000 in the Reno-Carson City region) and excellent infrastructure make for commutes and a general ambiance more typical of a small town - "the biggest little city in the world." Festivals (Art Town in July, Hot August Nights, balloon races, and airplane races) are some of the many local highlights. Public and private schools have excellent reputations for placing students in top colleges, and as a faculty member, your spouse and children may attend UNR for nominally low fees and partially waived tuition. Students with good grades from UNR have excellent opportunities for graduate school and employment. The San Francisco Bay area, Napa Valley, the Pacific coast, Los Angeles, Salt Lake City, and Las Vegas are within about an hour's plane ride or easy drives.

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Ph.D. Fellowships in Ecosystem Restoration at the University at Buffalo

The State University of New York at Buffalo (UB) encourages qualified individuals to apply for doctoral study with a concentration in Ecosystem Restoration. The Ecosystem Restoration through Interdisciplinary Exchange (ERIE) Program provides students with the technical, professional, and personal skills necessary to become leaders in the rapidly advancing field of ecosystem restoration. The ERIE Program is innovative and interdisciplinary, combining research and academic training in environmental sciences, engineering, and policy with a focus on nationally-recognized ecological restoration efforts in western New York State and the lower Great Lakes region.

Eligible students (U.S. citizens or permanent residents only) are funded for two years through a National Science Foundation (NSF) IGERT traineeship (www.igert.org) that provides tuition, a generous $30K annual stipend, and a research allowance for Ph.D.-level graduate study in any of the eight participating graduate programs at the University at Buffalo or at nearby Buffalo State College, which encompass engineering, science, policy, and Native American perspectives. Additional support is provided through departmental assistantships following the period of NSF support. In addition to departmental doctoral requirements, ERIE trainees take core courses in ecosystem restoration philosophy, principles, and practice; attend professional training short courses in ecosystem restoration and case-study teaching methods; and participate in professional internship and Canadian exchange activities.

Interested students should apply to the ERIE-affiliated UB graduate program of choice and indicate their interest in the ERIE Program. Applications to the ERIE Program are due February 1, 2011 for admission in the Fall 2011 semester (note that participating UB departments may have deadlines that are earlier). Admission is contingent on successful application to the chosen UB departmental graduate program. For program information, research and departmental descriptions, and application instructions, please visit www.erie.buffalo.edu or contact:
Dr. David Blersch (Director) or Dr. Alan Rabideau (Principal Investigator)
Department of Civil, Structural, and Environmental Engineering
State University of New York at Buffalo
202 Jarvis Hall
Buffalo, NY 14260
Phone: (716) 645-4001
Email: igert-erie@buffalo.edu