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AWG international members come from many countries including Australia, Canada, Colombia, Egypt, England, Germany, Iceland, Ireland, Mexico, New Zealand, Nigeria, Norway, Pakistan, Russia and United Arab Emirates. We also have AWG members in the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, where an informal local AWG chapter has been thriving for over a decade. Any questions regarding AWG international membership can be directed to the International coordinator.

Check out this great graphic showing some of our international members

AWG is striving to build our International membership. We have recently revised the dues structure for International members residing in a country that has an economy classified other than "high income" beginning with our 2012 memberships. The annual dues for AWG International members who live in countries that are classified as "other than high-income" by the World Bank are now $10/professional and $5/student. See a list of eligible countries .

International letter for member benefits - AWG also offers several benefits for our international members, such as the Sand and Takken Travel Awards and the Chrysalis Scholarship. Members will also receive the bimonthly Gaea newsletter and the AWG Email-news. Please read our welcome letter posted below for more information on these and other benefits offered to AWG International members.

This page contains latest news in international regions.

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Please contact our international coordinator or the AWG editor to contribute news on the international front.

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