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Benefits and Services of the Association for Women Geoscientists

The purpose of AWG is to ENCOURAGE the participation of women in the geosciences, to EXCHANGE educational, technical, and professional information, and to ENHANCE the professional growth and advancement of women in the geosciences. Those three categories: encourage, exchange, and enhance, briefly describe the benefits and services of AWG. The AWG Foundation was created by AWG to fund the educational programs of the association through tax-deductible contributions.


  • The AWG Foundation funds geologic field trips for pre-college girls through the Girl Scout Wider Opportunity, Expanding Your Horizons, and other programs.
  • The AWG Foundation awards the Chrysalis Scholarships to geoscience Masters and Doctoral candidates to cover expenses associated with finishing their theses/dissertations.
  • SAGE, AWG's Student Awards for Geosciences Excellence program, presents awards to students for outstanding geoscience projects in science fairs and other events. SAGE is funded by the AWG Foundation.
  • AWG answers letters from young women and teachers seeking information on careers in the geosciences.
  • Career Profiles, a booklet of short biographies of women geoscientists, produced by AWG and funded by the AWG Foundation is available from AWG on this web site. It will be updated, expanded and reprinted in paper form in 2001. Career Profiles presents women role models from different life styles and a variety of geoscience careers.


  • Gaea, the newsletter of the Association, is published 6 times per year. Gaea profiles the successes of women geoscientists, addresses the issues which concern women in geoscience careers, provides a forum for discussion, chapter and association activity reports, and publishes situations-wanted and position opening advertisements.
  • The The AWG Distinguished Lecturer Program provides a list of women geoscientists who have agreed to lecture or conduct workshops on diverse geoscience topics.
  • AWG provides the structure for technical, career, and personal networking, which is facilitated by the Membership Directory.
  • AWG field trips provide unique opportunities for members and friends to study geology in interesting places around the U.S. and world..
  • AWG Conventions are held every five years. Technical sessions, field trips, and career development and leadership sessions provide diverse educational opportunities. Previous conventions have been held in San Francisco (1987), Denver (1992) and Salt Lake City (1997).
  • AWG's local chapters provide frequent technical presentations, social gatherings and field trips, all of which provide opportunities to mentor or to learn from other members.


  • AWG's affiliation with other societies (American Association of Petroleum Geologists, Geological Society of America, and American Geological Institute) expands the ability of AWG to make a difference in the professional status of women in geosciences.
  • AWG provides opportunities for women to exercise their leadership skills at the chapter level, as chapter officers, or at the association level, as members of the AWG Board of Directors or the AWG Foundation Board of Directors, as well as in committee work.
  • AWG provides a free Resume Review Service.
  • AWG serves a diverse group of geoscientists, active professionals, students, and retirees, who are self-employed, in private industry, government, and academia. The contact with such a heterogeneous group can only serve to enhance one's career, expand one's opportunities, and one's outlook.

Finally, what you put in to AWG, you get back, and more. You must take advantage of the opportunities that AWG provides. It is up to the individual to reap the benefits and to provide feedback and constructive criticism to improve the organization.

Modified from Melitta Rorty

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