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Student Mentoring

MentorNet, an online mentoring community is now available to students from all campuses. Any qualified student with an '.edu' address can seek a mentor. The U.S now ranks 27th in the world in the production of graduates in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM), while the global economy increasingly requires engineers and scientists to enter the workforce. To help address this critical need, MentorNet opened its program to all STEM students, especially woman and minorities, from any campus. Any woman or minority student who wishes to find a mentor in their chosen field may go to, and hit JOIN NOW or FIND A MENTOR.

Peer Mentoring Program

Thanks to all who participated in the Peer Mentoring program pilot project, the program is being redesigned to include coaching to accommodate the broader range of interest within AWG. The new program design will offer:

  • Inclusion of coaching to better serve the needs of working professionals.
  • Provide professional coaching and mentoring at a distance for women in geoscience.
  • Offer a variety of short term or long term relationship models based on goals set by the participant.
  • Allow a woman to find a coach or mentor suited to her needs whenever she decides to seek career guidance.
  • Permit choice to both parties in the assignment of a coach/mentor.
  • Allow on-demand or rolling registration.
  • Provide educational information about coaching, mentoring, leadership and other support topics to both parties in the relationship to help them establish successful communication.
  • Provide periodic correspondence with participants in order to provide suggestions for activities and topics that are targeted to the stage of the relationship, e.g. beginning, middle, mature, and end.
  • Provide ongoing support for the coaching or mentoring relationship.
  • Provide an updated discussion forum.
  • Provide easier login access.

The Peer Mentoring Center website Library resources are available outside login protection,
Additional resources will be available in the protected area of the website when the redesign is completed.


Some quotes from the Pilot Project participants:
Mentor: “There was no single highlight, the whole experience was a highlight and we are still in touch! I feel I really made a difference! And she wants to continue with me.”
Mentor: “I really felt needed, this was a wonderful feeling. She called when she was having a problem with one of her professors and I was able to help. This is such a great opportunity for women, I wish more would use it!”
Mentor: “The program has lots of potential. I suggest you get more ‘buy in’ from participants because the support tools are really good, but we didn’t take time to use them.”
Mentee: “Without this program I wouldn’t have had such a wonderful experience, such a wonderful mentor. AWG is a great group and a great program.”
Mentee: “This was a big value to me, I wish everyone could benefit and have a mentor. I would recommend it to others because I got a lot out of it.”
Mentee: “I made a great friend and she lives close enough that we will see each other again, perhaps at a meeting. I will definitely want to participate again, both as a mentee and a mentor.”

For questions regarding the mentoring program, please contact the AWG office.

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Updated 03/26/12
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