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AWGF Board Members

President - Kate M. Johnson
2225 Cedar Cove Ct
Reston, VA 20191
Term expires: Fall 2015

Vice-President - Jennifer J. Thompson
600 North Dairy Ashford
2066 Permian
Houston, TX 77079-1175
Term Expires 2015

Treasurer - Rhonda Lindsey Jacobs

4611 S. Evanston Ave
Tulsa, OK 74105
Term expires: Fall 2014

Secretary - Emily Browning

BP America Inc.
200 Westlake Park Blvd.
Houston, TX 77079-2663
Term Expires 2015

Past-President -
Charlene Sundermann
Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality
1200 N Street, Suite 400
Lincoln, Nebraska 68508
Term expires: Fall 2015



Stacey Quarles Nexen Petroleum UK Ltd.
Charter Place, Vine Street
Uxbridge, Middlesex, U.K.
Term expires: Fall 2016

Sally Pennington Moore
800 Bell Street, EMB 2983
Houston, TX 77002
Term expires: Fall 2014


Term expires: Fall 2015


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